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Our New Kingdom Normal

No one wants to hear the phrase "new normal" anymore. We've heard it enough over the past 2 years. But have we reached the new normal now? The pandemic seems to be over for good...

What has changed? Is the new normal worse than the old normal? Is life worse now than it was before Covid-19? There have been a few changes to life, on the surface level. But really nothing has changed all that much. Sickness is still here, warfare starts up just like it always has, inflation and economic hardship still come and go, and death still claims victims. At its core, nothing much has changed in the world. Our "new normal" is kind of just the "old normal" on repeat.

And yet there's a new "kingdom" normal that we get to enjoy today. Easter has changed everything for us and it has changed how we live in this world. As part of God's kingdom, we have a new normal we operate with. Because of Easter our sin has been crushed, death has lost its sting, and we have a future hope that gives us hope for our everyday too. 

This April and May we're going to explore what life in God's post-Easter kingdom is like. This is a new normal we could get used to. This is a new normal we don't mind talking about all the time!

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Hope for your everyday

Hope can be a rare guest in our hearts. Hopes for the future fade away. Hopes for peace are shattered by conflict.  Hopes placed in politicians are dashed. Hopes for our relationships with others get torn apart. Hopes for our own lives don't match the present reality.  

But there's good news. Hope is delivered.

Living Hope Lutheran Church wants to fill you with God's message of hope. The hope God gives you is more than just the hope of wishful thinking. The hope God gives you is a living hope, a firm conviction built on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. 

Hope forever in Jesus brings hope for your every day.

HOPE for everyday people

HOPE for everyday problems

HOPE for everyday unknowns

HOPE for everyday anxiety

HOPE for everyday life