Current Series

Sing for Joy!

In this Advent series we’ll be looking at 3 joyful songs sung by those who welcomed the good news of the Savior’s birth. All 3 of these songs are still sung by God’s Church today. 

Each song focuses on the hope that rises in our hearts to know that God has been faithful to his promises and has sent a Redeemer. This Redeemer will set people free from sin and death and bring new light to those living in darkness. This message is needed for us today just as much as for those who lived when the Savior was born. Let's join our voices with Mary, Zechariah, and Simeon to sing for joy! A Savior is born!


Week 1: Mary’s Song of Joy

Week 2: Zechariah's Song of Joy

Week 3: Simeon's Song of Joy

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Hope for everyday

Hope can be a rare guest in our hearts. Hopes for the future fade away. Hopes for peace are shattered by conflict.  Hopes placed in politicians are dashed. Hopes for our relationships with others get torn apart. Hopes for our own lives don't match the present reality.  

But there's good news. Hope is delivered.

Living Hope Lutheran Church wants to fill you with God's message of hope. The hope God gives you is more than just the hope of wishful thinking. The hope God gives you is a living hope, a firm conviction built on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. 

Hope forever in Jesus brings hope for your every day.

HOPE for everyday people

HOPE for everyday problems

HOPE for everyday unknowns

HOPE for everyday anxiety

HOPE for everyday life