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The Planted Church

Living Hope is what we call a 'church plant.' We're planting a new church in a new place so people can get planted in the hope found in Jesus. 

But how do we know when we've really been 'planted'? What does a planted church look like? Are we planted when we have a church building? Are we planted when we have a certain amount of people in our church?

Broken Saviors

The book of Judges displays some flawed saviors God sent to deliver his people. God delivered his people from their enemies and idol worship by sending a cripple, a scaredy-cat, a doubter, a rash oath-taker, and a womanizer. These “heroes” looked like zeros. But God used these broken and sinful judges to bring deliverance for his people.


God’s grace and deliverance came to the Israelites through some unlikely means. Then again, that’s how God tends to operate doesn’t he? His grace and deliverance come to us through the ultimate “broken-looking” Savior named Jesus.

Planted + Harvested

Jesus often used parables to talk about the spread of the gospel and the kingdom of God. For these next two weeks we'll take up the planting and harvesting pictures Jesus often used.

Listen to learn how we fit into the parables of the sower and the seed and the parable of the wheat and the weeds. Find comfort that we are planted and harvested by God.

How to Be a Christian

This isn’t like most step-by-step guides you’ve seen. Being a Christian isn’t really so much about what we do. Being a Christian is all about what God does. God is the active force behind every step of turning someone into a Christian, providing not only the means, but also the power and the Spirit that creates new life in what was once spiritually dead.

  • God Plans—June 14
  • God Speaks—June 21
  • God Calls—June 28
  • God Sends—July 5
  • God Preserves—July 12
  • God Reigns—July 19


God gave his New Testament church a “reboot” of sorts once Jesus had accomplished his work of salvation. Things would be different than they were in Old Testament times. Now God’s people wouldn’t be just the one nation of Israel. God’s people, his Church, would be made up of people from all nations. And the third member of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, was going to be poured out on God’s people in a way he never had been before.

Our nation is beginning the messy work of trying to reboot after pandemic. And as we look to reboot in-person worship soon, we remember what our purpose is and we rejoice that God’s Holy Spirit is dwelling with us through it all.


Victory is sweet...the joy...the excitement.

But victory often lasts just for a moment. It eventually fades away.

Except when it's a victory that lasts forever.

This Easter, celebrate a victory that will never fade. A victory won for you. A victory that gives you more than a thrill. A victory that gives you eternal life.

Join Living Hope in the weeks after Easter to celebrate our victory in the risen Savior!

The Jesus We Need

You know what you want. Do you know what you need?

The people in Jesus' time wanted the Messiah to be very different from who Jesus was. And still today, we might desire that the central figure of our faith isn't like Jesus. We want a conquering hero arriving with his armies of angels. Instead, we find a willing suffering servant. 

But the Bible makes it clear that the Jesus we get is far greater than we could have ever designed. He meets all our greatest needs, from forgiveness, to eternal life, to peace in the midst of trials.

Join Living Hope for this series as we approach Good Friday and Easter during Lent. 

Upside Down Wisdom

The opening chapters of 1 Corinthians show us God's definition of wisdom. What we call "foolishness" God calls "wisdom." 

Join us in a search for true wisdom this January and February. God's upside down wisdom will turn your life right-side up.

The Weight Begins

It's supposed to be "the most wonderful time of the year." But it usually doesn't feel that way. Between deadlines and decorating, shopping and baking, the countdown to Christmas can easily become more of a burden than a blessing. 

But no matter how unprepared you feel for the weight of the Christmas countdown, God's Word helps you prepare for the most important part of Christmas: meeting your Savior. The comfort and hope the Christ-child gives to lost, stressed-out sinners will let you face the Christmas countdown with joy and peace.

Faith that Sings

The Psalms are some of the best songs ever written. They are "songs of faith." The Psalms show us our Almighty God who is strong to save like a mighty fortress, who cares for us like a loving shepherd, who fills our deepest desires, who gives us a never-ending stream of blessings to be thankful for.

Join Living Hope this November to dig into these 3,000 year old songs of faith. You'll come away with a faith that sings.

How To Use God's Things

Determining ownership of things is very important to people. One of the first words we say as toddlers is "mine." As adults we are also obsessed with owning things, whether that's money or property or prestige or patents/ideas.

God unveils a revolutionary concept in Scripture. Nothing we are or have is ours. It is all on loan from God. This is a tough concept to get our heads around, but once we do, we can be made both selfless and wise, as we use everything we have and are for the good of God and others.

Welcome Home

There's that certain feeling you get when you walk through the doors of your home. It's a safe place, a familiar place, a place you can rest and unwind. Home is always there waiting for you, no matter how long you've been gone.

Our September sermon series will take a look at the blessings of having a church home. We have a place that can be our refuge each week, a place where we find rest and comfort for our souls. Our church home is where we find our family of believers and it's where we have the joy of inviting others to come in and find rest as well.

No matter how long you've been away...welcome home.

Mountain View

Jesus' sermon on the mount is perhaps the best known sermon of all time. But if you've ever read this well-known sermon maybe you realize Jesus teaches some tough truths to swallow!

This August at Living Hope we'll hit some highlights from the sermon on the mount as we learn how to take a "mountain view" of our lives as followers of Jesus. Let's tackle these tough truths and find amazing comfort in Jesus' famous sermon.

Faith Has A Face

What does faith look like? Throughout history God has been at work in people's lives, leading them to him, and causing them to do amazing things as they trust in him.

Join Living Hope this summer to meet some faces of faith from the Bible who have more in common with us than we might think. Faith has many faces - a Roman centurion, a lonely widow, a crying woman, a former prince of Egypt, and so many more. Every face is different but we all have faith in one object - a God who turns his face toward us and smiles. Your faith is never in vain.


We might sometimes wish Jesus was still here on earth with us or that he would make some physical appearances to us now and then. Wouldn't that be nice?

Even though Jesus is now seated in heaven he has not left us alone. Jesus gives us the Counselor, the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit will lead you in faith and in knowledge of God's Word. You're never alone, you are guided and counseled by God the Holy Spirit!

A New Season. A New Start.

Everybody needs a new start.

The Christian life is not about performance or trying to measure up. It's okay to not be okay because Jesus has already made us right.

We find our new start in the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus rising from the dead gives us a new lease on life -  a living hope! We have hope for a new life in heaven and the peace of a new start today.

Fighting Temptation

We each battle temptation every day. God tells us "no." We say "yes." He tells us to stay away from something. We go directly toward that something. We want what we want. 

Since the beginning, Satan has been custom tailoring temptations for individuals. He knows our weak points and exactly how to strike.

Join Living Hope during the season of Lent and take up the fight against temptation. God will give you the boxing gloves of his Word. And he's already supplied the Savior to forgive us when we fail in our fight. Satan doesn't stand a chance.


The full splendor of God’s glory is often veiled from our eyes. Instead, God has chosen to reveal himself to us in humble ways—with his Holy Word, and the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion. God also reveals himself, and his love for us, in Jesus. For these next two months we’ll follow Jesus as he begins his public ministry.

See others react to Jesus’ true identity. See miracles unveil the Savior’s heart. See power unveiled in weakness. See God’s plans unveiled. See what God unveils about you. Prepare to see your God—unveiled!

A Light in the Darkness

Light and darkness are polar opposites. Where light advances, darkness must retreat. 

Light and darkness point to the ultimate of polar opposites—good and evil, holiness and sin. Ever since mankind fell into sin, God promised to send a great Light to pierce the darkness of sin and death.

The Light has come. Christmas is all about God giving us a light in the darkness. 

He Comes, Bearing Gifts

"Curly head dolls that toddle and coo. Elephants, boats, and kiddie cars too. Santa Claus is comin' to town."

You'll hear those lyrics often during the holiday season -  a song about a man who's coming to bring all sorts of gifts. But are they really gifts? The man in red has conditions.

"You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good..."

If you give someone a gift only if they meet certain qualifications, that is not a gift.

There is one who is coming, bearing real gifts, profoundly important gifts. Jesus came that first Christmas to win forgiveness and give all the gifts that come with it: hope, peace, joy, love.


We're hungry. We’re broken. We're afraid. We're unable to enjoy life to the full.

We need help. We need a hero.

We have one.

Jesus overcomes our larger than life problems with supernatural grace. Our hero bends the rules of nature and heals broken bodies but also gives us real solutions for spiritual problems. Get ready to see something supernaturally good.

Hope Rising

Hope can be a hard concept to pin down and make concrete. Hope is seen as a desperate, last-ditch wish for something to happen which seems too good to ever become true. 

This is not the kind of hope that God gives you. In the Bible, hope is not wishful thinking but a firm conviction; and it's built on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

The hope of eternal life that we have in Jesus brings hope for every day in life. Our hope rises because Jesus, our living hope, rose from the dead. 1 Peter is called the "Book of Hope." With each turn of the page in 1 Peter your hope will rise; your hope for the future and your hope for today. You have hope for living; hope for every day.

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